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Anonymous asked you: I’ve been struggling a bit with character development lately and I was wondering what your favorite and most challenging character development questions are. I was also curious on what other methods you use besides questions to develop characters. Thank you!

This thing right here is the holy grail of character development:

This is a good one too. 

And this is great for the more basic ‘nuts and bolts’ of character development.

These would be my three favorites, because knowing the fundamental facts about the character is crucial, but the little quirks and habits add flavor and realism. I’ve compiled a lot of character development sheets over time, but those three have made me discover things about my characters that I had no idea about before. Characters I’ve known for years.

I’ve tried to add my collection onto my blog, but I’ve been doing this for a long time and have a ton of them I don’t know the source to.  You can find a few in my tags, ‘character developmentand ‘characters But as I’ve said before, I’m not nearly as organized in my tags as I should be, so some of them aren’t there. I should probably sort though everything and tag it someday.

As for other ways of developing characters, here are some great posts. This one especially.

But this is another great one, because I find the more you know about a character, the easier it is to write them. And what better way to know them than to identify them? 

Personally, I have no real ‘go to’ strategy for developing a character. Most of my main characters are ones I’ve had in my head since I was small, so they’ve grown and developed with me. And the others just kind of spring up by accident. But the links above have helped me greatly. 

Thanks for the ask!

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